PVC water supply pipe is used for water supply, is used to supply drinking water pipes, relative to the demand for drainage pipes to be higher, in addition to physical aspects to reach the demand, such as raw materials usually require PVC, HDPE new materials, together with environmental protection Type, that is, will not be stored in the tube of water release of harmful substances, which is essential. PVC water supply pipe is also part of the irrigation for irrigation, drainage and drainage is the biggest difference between the need to be able to accept the pressure, if it is also need to have water supply engineering indicators, non-toxic pollution-free inspection indicators. The current market share of PVC water supply pipe is reduced, the quality of the function is more successful PE pipe replaced.
PVC drainage pipe is used for drainage, mainly for the real estate projects on the drainage, rain, residential drainage, the pipe itself without pressure and health indicators demand, the difference between the quality of the main pipe quality patience, stretching and so on.
PVC weight of the water supply pipe is relatively lightweight handling management because the density is small so do not need large equipment can be handling loading and unloading on the construction is also very simple and concise, due to the use of PVC material so there is a certain degree of corrosion resistance
Can make PVC water pipe on the chemical industry or pollution more serious areas can be safe to use, PVC pipe to the inner wall is relatively smooth so the resistance to water is not very strong for the larger amount of water supply connection comparison
Simple and reliable can effectively enhance the construction period to effectively reduce the cost of construction costs, PVC water supply pipe is also a relatively low price of PVC materials will not cause any pollution to the water can be suitable for urban water, or irrigation of farmland so that PVC Water pipes have been a large-scale use and promotion.
Pvc tube
In order to make PVC water pipe to achieve a better use of the effect, in the PVC water supply construction is that we should note the following:
1, within the specified time, just welded joints can be corrected, but not rotating.
2, hot-melt tool connected to the power, to work green light indicator light to start after the operation.
3, to reach the heating time, immediately the pipe and pipe from the heating mold at the same time removed, quickly without a straight line straight into the marked depth.
4, without rotating the tube into the heating sleeve, inserted into the marked depth, the pipe pushed to the heating head, to the mark, the heating time should be used in the welding tool instructions.