PVC-U pipe is a decorative pipe, it has a metal water pipe does not have many characteristics, it is corrosion-resistant, non-scaling, can inhibit the growth of bacteria and effectively prevent secondary pollution in the pipeline. If the pipe is connected with a rubber ring flexible socket connection, its anti-vibration and sealing performance are better, can effectively prevent the pipeline leakage. In the pipeline construction using PVC-U pipe can facilitate the construction, reduce project cost, but also conducive to ensuring water quality, saving operating costs, reduce production costs. Therefore, PVC-U pipe will be in the water supply project to be more widely used. Below by Deng Quan Plastic Industry Xiaobian to bring you together to understand the use of PVC-U tube precautions.
1, PVC-U tube can not contact ketone chemicals, otherwise it will occur swelling or melting.
2, PVC-U tube heat distortion temperature is low, the Vicat softening point only about 76r ^ Therefore, it can not be used at a higher temperature, the general requirements of the transmission medium temperature must not start 45X :.
3, should be based on the pipeline pressure level to select the appropriate PVC-U pipe. Select the diameter of the pressure level, flow, flow and geographical factors into account. Usually from the economic flow rate and other factors to choose the diameter. As the quality of PVC-U pipe fittings and valves directly affect the quality of the project, it is necessary to choose good quality pipe fittings. At present, the domestic manufacturers of spare parts specifications are not complete, in particular, can produce a variety of pipe fittings manufacturers rarely. Pipe, pipe fittings standards have not been unified. At present the use of PVC-U pipe fittings standards are Japanese standards, the British standard, ISO international standards and GB International. We recommend the use of national standard products, so easy to use with other pipe supporting the use of o
4, trench excavation and backfill. Compared with ductile iron pipe and steel pipe, PVC-U tube light weight, easy to install, with fewer labor, the construction equipment is not demanding. It is based on the above characteristics, construction, the construction unit to save costs, although not affect the pipeline installation, but the backfill quality is difficult to guarantee that the soil compaction can not be guaranteed. Backfill is difficult to meet the requirements of the road laminating real time, it will threaten the safety of the pipeline will also affect the quality of road works.
5, pipe installation. PVC-U tube than the metal pipe than the small. Installation requires less labor, lower installation costs, the connection using the apron interface, greatly improving the installation efficiency, the greater the diameter, the more obvious advantages.
6, pipeline test pressure. Pipeline test pressure, the provisions of the provisions of the hydrostatic test hydrostatic pressure shall not be designed sub-water pressure, and shall not be less than 0.8Mpa. When the test pressure backfill earth must meet the required degree of compaction, pipe support pier to achieve the design strength, the back security and stability, while the pressure observed when the interface to ensure the smooth pressure test to ensure the quality of the project.
7, the user tube installation. When the user’s pipe is installed, there is no corresponding installation standard for PVC-U water meter. Most of the installation is based on the national standard atlas of the existing metal pipe. PVC-U and metal pipe material is different, easy to out of some problems: water meter wells more pipe, especially in the bypass table, the construction diameter DN> 100 when the pipe connection is generally connected to the two types of flange and flange The According to the existing water meter and the standard set of installation, the water pipe and pipe fittings are mostly in the floating state, the gate, water meter at the masonry pier, tee, elbow at whether the masonry pier. The actual operation, and sometimes need to maintain maintenance, not masonry pier will affect the pipeline maintenance installation. The original water table and standard Atlas according to the characteristics of metal materials to develop, and PVC-U pipe and metal pipe is very different, should be combined with PVC-u material characteristics, make the appropriate changes in the water meter and by the three links, It is an effective measure to ensure the safe operation of the pipeline.