High Density HDPE PE100 Large Diameter Polyethylene Pipe for water supply


Category: HDPE PIPES
Length:5.8meters or 11.8meters polyethylene pipe


Product Description

High Density HDPE PE100 Large Diameter Polyethylene Pipe for water supply

HDPE pipe introduce

PE pipe inner wall is smooth, and does not change with the use of time, small friction resistance, energy saving, pressure loss is about 30% smaller than steel pipe, can choose a smaller diameter than steel pipe. Good hygienic performance, no additives, no possibility of pollution of drinking water, ISO standard grading polyethylene material is 0 (the lowest level), do not moldy material, compared with some other commonly used plastic materials, polyethylene mildew resistance is much higher, long-term use also does not scale.

Application of PE Pipe

PE water supply pipe can be used for general purpose pressure water transmission and drinking water transmission. His surface color indicates that his use is mainly for water-related pipes (water supply pipes), gas pipes in yellow, fire-fighting pipes in red and mining pipes. There are mainly municipal buried water supply, building water supply (drainage), farmland irrigation, waterscape engineering and so on. In water supply pipeline engineering, PE water supply pipe will eventually replace UPVC pipe.

1. Nontoxic
2. Corrosion resistance
3. No Leakage
4. Higher flow capacity than steel pipes
5. Convenient for construction and installation
6. Lower installation costs than cement and steel pipes
7. Longevity of working life more than 50 years
8. HDPE pipe can be recycled and environment-friendly

1. Urban potable water pipeline network system.
2. Replaceable cement pipe, iron pipe and steel pipes.
3. Fire fighting pipeline.
4. Landscaping water supply network.
5. Sewage discharge pipes.
6. Ore and mud transfers.
7. Agricultural irrigation pipe.



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