HDPE Corrugated Pipe For Drainage

Category: HDPE PIPES
Specification: 200-800 mm
Working Temp:: – 40℃ to 40℃
Life span: 50 Years Under Normal Conditions
Ring stiffness:: SN4,SN8,SN10

HDPE Corrugated Pipe For Drainage


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HDPE Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Plastic Drain Pipe Culvert tube
HDPE Double Wall Corrugated Sewage Pipe is made of high density polyethylene, which is co-extruded by inner and outer extruders respectively and formed in one step. The inner wall is flat and smooth, and the outer wall is corrugated. It has an annular outer wall with a hollow layer between the inner and outer walls. It has unique structure and high strength.The whole production process is: extrusion-compounding-molding-cooling-cutting-finished product.


The Specification of HDPE Double-Wall Corrugated Pipe (mm)
DN/ID Min ID OD O.D.tolerance Min Thinkness Bellmouth ID Min Bellmouth ID
225 220 255 ±3 ≥1.7 264-269 ≥55
300 294 330 ±3 ≥2.0 348-351 ≥64
400 392 456 ±3 ≥2.5 465-469 ≥74
500 490 572 ±3 ≥3.0 549-553 ≥85
600 588 690 ±3 ≥3.5 668-672 ≥96
800 785 925 ±3 ≥4.5 888-895 ≥118

1. It has the characteristics of light weight, high ring stiffness, convenient construction,transportation and installation,low installation cost, high ultraviolet resistance stability and good flexibility etc.With appropriate bending degree, HDPE double-wall corrugated pipe with a certain length can be slightly bent.Because of the uneven foundation in use, the pipe can be bent naturally which cannot make leakage.Compared with other pipes in same diameter,the flow rate of HDPE double-wall corrugated pipe is higher because of its smooth inner wall.Meanwhile,it has the characteristics of unblocked, easy maintenance,pressure resistance,low temperature resistance,high impact strength, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and long service life and so on.
2. Reasonable structure and excellent performance: HDPE double-wall corrugated pipe adopts annular structure wall pipe and optimized corrugated structure, so that the pipe has greater strength and appropriate flexibility per unit weight, which makes the raw material more efficient. After years of production and practice,the production technology is reliable and the product performance is stable.
3. Reliable connection to prevent leakage:HDPE double-wall corrugated pipe adopts reinforced design in socket and it is connected with sealing rubber ring which makes the pipe more firm and reliable before and after connection.And the strict control of the size of the socket joint makes the installation more convenient and leakage prevention more effective.
4. Implement the standard “Buried Polyethylene (PE) Structural Piping System Part I: Polyethylene Double Wall Corrugated Pipe” GB/T19472.1-2004


1.Sewer and drainage
2.Frontage drains for terrace and other residential units in housing schemes
3.Perimeter drains for commercial, industrial units and individual factories
4.As collector drains in subsoil system in road, highway, open field, stadium,  retaining wall or parking space
5.As collector drains in subsoil system, sewerage treatment plant sludge drying bed under drains

Product Paramenters

Technical data sheet:

Item Index
Ring stiffness SN4 (KN/m2) ≥4
Ring Stiffness SN8 (KN/m2) ≥8
Impact Strength (%) ≤10
Ring Suppleness The sample is smooth without any recurvation or wall loose
Oven Experiment no delamination and no crack
Creep Rate ≤4

Connection Methods

HDPE Double Wall Corrugated Sewage Pipe Installation and Connection Instruction
1.The pipeline shall be laid on undisturbed soil foundation or backfilled and compacted stratum after slotting. The thickness of soil covering on the top of the pipeline under the roadway shall not be less than 700 mm.

2.HDPE double wall corrugated pipe can be installed in the same groove,and can be carried out according to the relevant regulations for the design and construction of common pipelines laid in the same groove.

3.When the pipeline passes through railways, high-grade road embankments and structures with obstacles,the protective pipe sleeves made of reinforced concrete, steel, cast iron and other materials shall be provided. The inner diameter of the sleeve shall be above 300mm larger than the outer diameter of the corrugated pipe, and the space between the corrugated pipe and the sleeve shall be filled with filler.

4.The width of the bottom in the groove should be determined by adding 600mm to the outer diameter of the pipe so as to facilitate manual operation at the groove bottom.

5.The slotted length should be shortened as much as possible when installation in rainy days. Slot and backfill quickly and make prevention measurements of filling with water. In case of filling with water, water shall be removed as well as the softened soil layer affected by water.Basic treatment should be made with sand and gravel or medium coarse sand.

6.The pipeline foundation design adopts cushion foundation. When the bottom of the groove is below the groundwater level, it is advisable to lay a layer of gravel or crushed stone with a thickness of no less than 150 mm and the size of gravel is 5-40 mm, and then lay a sand cushion (medium and coarse sand) with a thickness of no less than 50 mm and a total thickness of no less than 200 mm.

7.Pipeline installation can be generally installed manually. During installation, both ends of the pipeline are manually lifted to the personnel in groove. In open groove, non – metallic rope pipe is used when the groove depth is larger than 3m or pipe diameter is larger than 400mm,and make the pipe smoothly in the groove. It is strictly prohibited to hook both ends with metal ropes or throw the pipe into the groove directly. For mixing groove or support groove,it is advisable to handle the pipe intensively from one end of the groove, and transport the pipe to the installation position at the bottom of the groove.

8.Socket-ended pipe installation should be made from downstream to upstream installation in turn,with straight pipe end along the direction of water flow and socket end in reverse direction of water flow.

9.Pipe length can be cut by hand saw without roughness and damage in cutting section.

10.The following regulations shall be observed when rubber ring is used to seal the joint:
(1)Check whether the rubber ring is suitable before connection and confirm the position placed and socketed depth.
(2)Clean the socket end with cotton cloth without any soil left before connection,coat with lubricant,and aim at the straight pipe end immediately.
(3)Insert the straight pipe end into the socket end.Arrange a wooden baffle at the end of the pipe and push the pipe slowly with a crowbar.When size larger than 400mm,fasten the pipes with flexible rope,insert with manual lifting tools  and construction machinery is strictly prohibited.

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Item HDPE Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Concrete pipe PVC Double Wall Corrugated Pipe
Feature Flexible Rigid Flexible
Corrosion resistance It will not be corroded when dealing with sea water and acid&alkaline condition. It is easy to be corroded. It will not be corroded when dealing with sea water and acid&alkaline condition.
Structural feature Loading may lead to slight deformation, but will not influence on structure. Loading may lead to breaking and leakage. Poor impact resistance. Loading may lead to slight deformation, but will not influence on structure.
Connection method and seal feature It will be connected by flexible rubber sealing ring. If it is connected properly, there will be no leakage. if not connected properly, it will lead to leakage and consequently pollution to underground water. If it is connected properly, there will be no leakage.
Construction performance It is easy to be connected. The cost for transportation and engineering is low. The engineering process will not be influenced by It is difficult to be connected.The cost for transportation and engineering is high. It is easy to be connected. The engineering process will be influenced by temperature.
Usage and maintenance 50 years service life, high safe coefficient, easy maintenance. 20 years service life, high safe coefficient, difficult maintenance 50 years service life, high safe coefficient, difficult maintenance


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