Electrical Conduit PVC Pipe


Category: PVC pipes
Material: PVC
Length: 3M /6M or customization
Application: Wire Protecting
Color: White Orange,Grey or as request


Product Description

Electrical Conduit PVC Pipe

Hot Selling Electrical Conduit PVC Pipe Price List

PVC Conduit(high and low voltage cable protection sleeve) has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, salt and other chemical solvent corrosion, no cracking in case of grease, high strength, flame retardant, smoke suppression, heat resistance, long service life, etc. The pipe completely overcomes the disadvantage of poor weather resistance of ordinary PVC pipe. It can replace the steel pipe in strength and overcomes the disadvantages of easy corrosion of the steel pipe and the damage of single core cable with high temperature caused by the closed magnetic circuit field.

Product Description
Feature of Hot Selling Electrical Conduit PVC Pipe Price List
1.Good insulation characteristic: good insulation property, high anti current puncture strength,can resist 25kV voltage.
2.Great impact-resistance,can be buried in concrete, resist compression, impact.
3.Good fire-resistant:high oxygen value,good combustion-resistance, self extinguishing.
4.Moisture-resistant to acids,alkalis.
5.No rust occurs like metal pipe,resist acids,alkalis,and oil.
6.Biotic resistance,PVC conduit pipe with no smell attracting rodent,will not suffer from biotic attack.
7.Chemical resistance and insulation.
8.Stable in dimension,density in material, uniform thickness.
9.Small Friction,no scaling,effect liquidity.
10.Anti-pressure,non-inflammability, high intensity.
11.Durable with service life 20-50 years.

Specification of Hot Selling Electrical Conduit PVC Pipe Price List

16*1.0 20*0.5 25*1.0 32*1.1 40*1.3 50*1.5
16*1.1 20*0.7 25*1.1 32*1.4 40*1.5 50*1.8
16*1.2 20*0.9 25*1.2 32*1.5 40*1.8 50*2.0
16*1.4 20*1.0 25*1.3 32*1.8 40*2.0 50*2.4
16*1.5 20*1.2 25*1.4 32*2.0 40*2.4 50*3.0
16*1.6 20*1.3 25*1.5 32*2.4 40*3.0 50*3.7
20*1.4 25*1.6 32*2.9 40*3.7 50*4.6
20*1.5 25*1.7 32*3.6 40*4.5 50*5.6
20*1.6 25*1.8
20*1.8 25*2.0
20*2.0 25*2.3
20*2.3 25*2.8


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Standard: ISO4422, BS EN1452, GB/T10002.1, Outside Diameter: DN20 – DN1200mm Working Pressure: PN6.3 – PN16 Materials: PVC resin Color: White, Grey, Orange, or as client’s requirement. Fittings offered: All OEM/ODM: YES

1. Civil construction, industrial building indoor water supply, and waste water drainage and sewerage system.
2. The residential area, plant area of buried water supply system.
3. The urban water supply pipeline system.
4. Water treatment plant’s water piping system.
5. Mariculture.
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2.PVC Double Wall Corrugated Pipe for Sewage

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1. Municipal engineering 2. Constructional engineering 3. Electric and telecom engineering

4. Railway and highway communication 5. Industrial 6. Agricultural and farmland engineering 7. Road engineering 8. Mine filed 9. Highway

3.PVC Flexible Corrugated Conduit

Standard: JG3050-1998  Outside Diameter: DN16 – DN50mm Materials: PVC resin Color: White, Grey, Orange, or as client’s requirement.

Using method:Inserting the wire or cable into the conduit and the equipped with matched connector OEM/ODM:YES

Power plant;Power transmission system;Communication system;Building factory,transportation system project or cable outside the construction and plant

4.Orange PVC Cable Protection Conduit

DN/OD: dn50mm – dn315mm

Standard:AS/NZS 2053 Materials: PVC Color: Orange Fittings offered: Coupler and bend Connection: Socket insert

1.Outdoor decorative electric protection 2. Water and electricity installation 3.Electric communication protect sleeve 4.Underground wire protect


5.PVC Square Conduit


Color:Any color
Thickness: 0.5-4.0mm
Inner Diameter: 0.5-50mm
Length:1-2meters or cutting by customers’ requirement

1, Used for water system, Building And engineering drainage.
2, Power engineering cable protection.
3, Road warning pile.
4, Doors and windows application, Interior trim.
5, Greenhouse hydroponics for vegetable and fruits cultivation.
6, And others application field.
6.PVC Grid Conduit
Color:white,grey or as customers’ requirement
Thickness: 1.5-2.3mm
Diameter: 72mm,92mm,107mm,162mm or on request
Length:6meters or cutting by customers’ requirement
Holes:Four holes,nine holes,seven holes,etc

1. PVC grid pipe can be used in urban power grid construction and transformation;
2. Municipal Improvement Project;
3. Civil Aviation Airport construction Project;
4. Industry Zone and Residential area construction;
5. Transporta tion engineering construction;


Company Profile

Hot Selling Electrical Conduit PVC Pipe Price List

Tianjin Dingrunda Group Co.,Ltd is engaged in manufacturing, supplying and exporting an unparalleled range of HDPE pipes, PVC pipes, PPR pipes, CPVC pipes, UPVC pipes, PVC-M pipes, HDPE double wall corrugated pipes, Steel belt reinforced HDPE corrugated pipes, Glass Reinforced Plastic pipes, PE coated steel pipes, MDPE & LDPE pipes, and the corresponding pipe fittings.

Our unmatched expertise enables us to serve our clients with utmost accuracy than our industry competitors. With more than 12 years’ hardwork, we have established ourselves as a reliable and worthy supplier of plastic pipes and fittings. We ensure that the quality of our range meets the requirements of our clients. Further the expertise of our team as well as superior infrastructural setup ensures that our assortment is precision finished and meets the exacting requirements of our clients. We are committed to excellence and innovation, and have our eyes on the market strategies and trends. Our range is offered to our clients in various specifications of length and diameters. These pipes and fittings are conform to various national and international quality standards. We aim to provide complete customer satisfaction and increase our turnover. Our range finds applications in irrigation, water transportation, drainage, dredging, sand&mud suction, gas transportation, geothermal, communication cable protection and construction. We cater basically to European countries, North America countries, Sout America countries, Oceania countries, Asian countries, Middle East, African countries and supply all over China under the able guidance of our company’s long-term planning strategy and view of honest and trustworthy value. Welcome customers to visit our factory, and go forward hand in hand with us!


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Q1. Are you trading company or manufacturer?

A: We are professional manufacturer and welcome to your visit at any time.

Q2. How long is your delivery time?

A: Generally it takes 5-10 days if the goods are in stock, which depends on your quantity and can be negotiable.

Q3: Do you provide samples?

A: Yes, of course, samples is available for small quantity we can supply for free.

Q4: What is your terms of payment? A: L/C, Western Union, T/T 30% in advanced, balance before shipment.

Q5: For pipe fittings, what do you do mainly?

A: For fittings, coupling(socket), elbow,tee,reducer,union, valve,cap,some electrofusion fittings and compression fittings.

Q6: Can i have my own logo on the product?

A: Yes, sure, you just send us your drawing, we’ll make logo for you, and before production we will confirm with you in advance.

Q7: Can i request to change the method of package and transportation?

A: Yes, the packing and trasportation can be as per your requirements.



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