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DRD offers cost-effective piping solutions with the strength, durability and corrosion resistance necessary for all your plumbing and drainage pipeline requirements. DRD manufactures Polyethylene drainage pipe in W.A. Drainage pipe can be pressure pipe or non-pressure pipe, depending on the application. Drainage pipe is plain black on the outside, and has a thin wall compared to pressure pipe, as the contents are not under much pressure. HDPE drainage pipe may also be known as Polyethylene Flood Pipe, which is large diameter drainage pipe for storm-water or high-volume drainage applications. 

Pressure pipe for Water, Gas, Fire mains, recycled water, or other purposes, have stripes on the side to indicate the fluid or gas they contain.  has a blue stripe and is used for potable water. has a red stripe and carries water for fire mains. has a yellow stripe or a yellow jacket, and is used for gas mains.  has a purple stripe, and is used for recycled water.  is plain black, and can be used for storm-water or general applications. 

Applications for drainage pipe in commercial plumbing include shopping centres, schools, hospitals, aged care facilities, university or health campuses, warehouse complexes and office buildings.

Our systems offer many advantages, including:

  • Heat-fused jointing systems create a monolithic structure that is stronger than the pipe itself, and completely leak-free. This eliminates rubber seals which can fail over time, also solving root intrusion problems, and provides pipeline integrity where installed in unstable ground. No dangerous chemicals or glues involved in jointing.
  • No anchor or thrust blocks are needed to prevent joint blow-out when using heat fusion welded jointing. Correctly made heat fusion joints may be expected to last the life of the system and withstand thrust/end loads equal to the strength of the pipe/ fitting without adding external restraint or thrust blocking.
  • Pressure pipes are colour coded for easy identification.
  • 50 year minimum design life
  • High flow capacity due to smooth bore and end-to-end jointing.
  • Large range of pipe sizes and fittings available, providing flexibility of design.
  • High quality approved products, designed and manufactured to exacting Australian and International standards.
  • At DRD, we recognise that our customers need the whole package -not just pipe and fittings; but also personal service, technical support, training and on-time deliveries.

Applications for HDPE pipes include:

  • HDPE Pipe for Fire Mains
  • HDPE Pipe for Potable Water
  • HDPE Pipe for Natural Gas
  • HDPE Pipe for LP Gas
  • HDPE Pipe for Hot water
  • HDPE Pipe for Hot water ring main
  • HDPE Pipe for Trade/ greasy waste
  • HDPE Pipe for Hot waste
  • HDPE Pipe for Siphonic roof drainage
  • HDPE Pipe for Recycled, Grey, Raw and Reclaimed Water
  • HDPE Pipe for Sewer Rising Main
  • HDPE Pipe for Intake & Outfall
  • HDPE Pipe for Pumped Temporary Bypass
  • HDPE Pipe for Gravity Sewer
  • HDPE Pipe for Storm Drainage
  • HDPE Pipe for River & Lake Crossings
  • HDPE Pipe for Electrofusion Welding