1, have enough strength and stiffness
HDPE double-wall corrugated pipe buried drainage, sewage pipes, belonging to the flexible pipe, its characteristics are both rigid and flexible, that is, has sufficient mechanical properties and rigid properties, while having excellent flexibility. The mechanism under which the flexible tube and the rigid tube are subjected to a load is completely different, and the flexible tube can be largely deformed before being destroyed, whereas the rigid tube is impossible. Under the same external pressure load, the stress in the wall of the flexible pipe is smaller, and it and the surrounding backfill soil together bear the load, and the pipe and soil work together. Therefore, the double-wall corrugated pipe does not require the same strength and rigidity as the rigid concrete. Under reasonable stiffness, it can fully meet the requirements of use. This point has been confirmed by the application practice of some developed countries. Compared with cement pipe, double-wall corrugated pipe not only has light weight, but also has great compressive strength, good impact resistance and bending resistance, can withstand the dual pressure of soil and power load carrier, and can adapt to uneven soil. settlement.
2, has a good water conservancy characteristics
HDPE double-wall corrugated pipe has a smooth inner wall and small flow resistance. The roughness coefficient is only 0.009 and the concrete pipe is 0.013. It can make the water smoother and increase the water delivery capacity. Under the same conditions of use, the water delivery volume of the double-wall corrugated pipe is increased by 30% compared with the concrete pipe. Practice has proved that under the same gradient, the required flow rate can be achieved by using a PE double-wall corrugated pipe with a small diameter, and the stagnation of waste stagnant can be avoided, thus avoiding the worry of the pipeline being dredged in the future.
3, do not leak, prevent pollution of the environment
HDPE double-wall corrugated pipe has excellent watertightness. It is connected by rubber sealing ring socket, which can ensure that the sewage in the pipe does not leak, and can conform to the uneven settlement of the foundation, and it will not produce the disjoint fracture phenomenon such as rigid concrete pipe, preventing Sewage pollution.
4, long service life, corrosion resistance, wear resistance
Double-wall corrugated pipe is resistant to chemical corrosion and can withstand the effects of acid and alkali in the soil. The wear resistance of plastic buried drains is also very good. Buried life of up to 50 years.
5, easy to lay, install
HDPE double-wall corrugated pipe is lighter than the concrete pipe, the length is large, the joint is few, the requirements for the pipe ditch and the foundation are low, the interface connection is convenient and the sealing is good. Easy to handle, simple and convenient construction, no lifting equipment, manual installation. Construction labor intensity is low and speed is high, which can greatly improve the construction efficiency and shorten the construction period. In congested or geologically-hazardous areas (such as high groundwater levels and soft foundations), geotechnical double-wall corrugated pipes have a greater advantage.