1, anti-aging, long service life: 2-2.5% of the uniform distribution of carbon black polyethylene pipe can be stored outdoors or in outdoor use for 50 years, will not be damaged by UV radiation.
2, good wear resistance: HDPE pipe and steel pipe wear test showed that the HDPE pipe wear resistance of 4 times the pipe in the field of mud transportation, compared with the steel pipe, HDPE pipe has better wear resistance , Which means that HDPE pipe has a longer service life and better economy.
3, good flexibility: HDPE flexible pipe makes it easy to bend, the project can be by changing the direction of the pipeline to bypass obstacles, in many cases, the flexibility of the pipeline can reduce the amount of pipe and reduce installation costs.
4, the flow resistance is small: HDPE pipe has a smooth inner surface, the Manning coefficient of 0.009 Smooth performance and non-stick characteristics to ensure that HDPE pipe with a higher than conventional pipe delivery capacity, but also reduces the pressure on the pipeline Loss and water consumption.
5, easy handling: HDPE pipe lighter than concrete pipe, galvanized pipe and steel pipe, it is easy to move and install, lower manpower and equipment requirements, means that the installation cost greatly reduced.