1, anti-aging, long life: HDPE drains will be stored in the open air, will not be damaged by ultraviolet radiation, buried in the underground pipe can also be safe to use more than 50 years.
2, good wear resistance: HDPE pipe and steel pipe in the comparative experiment found that HDPE pipe is 4 times the steel pipe, in the field of mud transport, HDPE pipe has better wear resistance, indicating that HDPE pipe has a longer life And better economy.
3, low cost, less investment “HDPE drainage pipe installation and maintenance costs are very low, and long service life, to a certain extent, greatly reduce the cost.
4, construction convenience: HDPE pipe compared to other materials, the pipeline is relatively light, easy handling, connecting the project is simple, do not need to do anti-corrosion treatment, the foundation is not high.
5, chemical stability: the same layer of drainage in order to ensure that no leakage, requiring piping to conceal the installation, so the resistance of the pipe to resist the ability to strong, HDPE drainage pipe chemical resistance, and most of the chemical substances will not make the tube Damage, and will not breed bacteria, microbes and so on.
HDPE groove drainage pipe performance is excellent, convenient construction, safety, long life, can guarantee the same layer drainage system advantages and safe use.