1. Before the construction, the pipe, pipe fittings to do the second appearance inspection, found that problems can not be used.
2. Because of its light weight, in the installation process can be moved manually, generally do not need to use machinery, which in the release of the groove, not with the ditch wall and ditch bottom collision.
3. When installing the valves and fittings of the flange connection, take measures to prevent the external tensile stress, the diameter of more than 100mm under the valve, should be set brick pier.
4. In the hdpe drainage pipe through the railway, highway and other obstacles, should be set to protect the pipe to play a role.
5. When the pipe installation and laying works are interrupted, apply the plug or other cover to close the nozzle and prevent the debris from entering the pipe.
6. When welding pipe fittings, should be welded pipe size matching the heating head fitted to the welding machine, connected to the power supply, waiting for the heating head to achieve the best temperature of 260 ℃, while the pipe, pipe fittings into the fuse, according to the specified time After heating, after heating, remove the pipe and pipe fittings, immediately connected to the pipe and pipe fittings, if the two positions are not right, you can make a small amount of adjustment within a certain period of time, but the reverse angle should not exceed 5 degrees.