HDPE pipes and fittings for irrigation

Country: Germany.

Project name: Hamburger irrigation modernisation.

Products: HDPE pipes and electrofusion fittings.

About the program:

In the middle of 2021, partnered with one of German construction company for the first stage of a infrastructure upgrade in the Hamburger Irrigation District.


The upgrade aims to replace the current channel system. Replacing the open channel with pipeline infrastructure allows for greater and more consistent flow for irrigators, while providing better water security and management.

HDPE pipe for transport river water project

Country: Philippines

Project name: HDPE pipe and pipe fittings project for transport river water

Products: 200mm, 160mm with elbow, equal tee, stub end, flange and end caps

About the program: Pumping and draining river in the Philippines

HDPE Drainage Pipeline System in Hongkong

Country: Hongkong

Project name: Drainage Pipeline System

Products: PN20 pipe and fittings

About the program: The pipe is made of PE 100 material, comply with EN12201 standard, Black color (RAL 9011)with red brown stripes (RAL 8012) and Inner orange color layer (RAL 2003), the thickness of the inner co-extruded layer is (15 ± 1.5)% of the nominal wall thickness, used for drainage.



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