What are the factors that determine the price of PE pipes?

PE pipes are also widely used nowadays. When many people choose to use this kind of hose, they usually have two questions. One is the quality, and the other is the price. In fact, before choosing a hose, It is still necessary to understand it in detail. Next, this article will answer these two questions […]

Advantages of PE pipes over ordinary pipes

PE pipe is a highly crystalline, non-polar thermoplastic resin. The appearance of original HDPE is milky white, and it is translucent to a certain extent in thin sections. PE pipes have excellent resistance to most domestic and industrial chemicals. 1. Long-term use time: under normal conditions, the use time is up to 50 years; 2. Good hygiene: […]

The difference between PE water supply pipe and drainage pipe

PE pipes have many uses. They can be used not only as PE water supply pipes, but also as irrigation pipes, drainage pipes, pipe penetration pipes, etc. In terms of appearance, many people cannot distinguish ends from ends, so how to choose a suitable PE pipe when choosing a PE pipe? 1. Pressure PE pipes supply […]

What is the performance of large diameter PE drainage pipes?

Product performance of large diameter PE drainage pipe:  1. Good sanitary performance: No heavy metal salt stabilizer is added during the processing of PE drainage pipes. The material is non-toxic, has no scaling layer, and does not breed bacteria. It can well solve the secondary pollution of urban drinking water.  2. Excellent corrosion resistance: Except […]

PE pipe diameter selection

PE pipes are more competitive than other pipes. They are not only light in texture, good in quality, but also corrosion-resistant. Compared with pipes made of other materials, PE pipes are more labor-saving in later maintenance and upkeep. Landscaping requires a large number of water pipelines. In actual construction, the flow rate of PE pipes of […]

Cold-resistant properties of PE water supply pipes

PE water supply pipes also have excellent properties such as cold resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and even service life. PE water supply pipes are green and pollution-free pipes. The materials can be recycled. Since the pipes do not rust, they are not only beneficial to environmental protection. PE pipes should be packed in polypropylene […]

What are the characteristics of PE water supply pipes?

The flexibility of PE water supply pipes also enables them to effectively resist underground movement and end loads. On the surface, plastic buried pipes are inferior to cement pipes and metal pipes in terms of strength and rigidity, but from a practical application perspective, plastic buried pipes are flexible pipes. When storing and transporting PE water supply […]

What are the good characteristics of PE pipes?

PE pipe is a high-density polyethylene pipe widely used in industrialization, urbanization, hydropower projects, petrochemical and other fields. PE pipes are durable and therefore have become a popular pipe on the market with excellent properties such as corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high pressure resistance, and easy installation. In addition, PE pipes have excellent corrosion resistance. Because high-pressure […]

Advantages of PE pipe: light, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, not easy to age, widely used

PE pipe is a pipe material widely used in industry, construction and agriculture. Its full English name is PolyethylenePipe, also known as polyethylene pipe, which is a pipe material made of polyethylene. PE pipes have excellent properties such as lightness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and resistance to aging. They are widely used in urban water supply, gas […]



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