PE pipe diameter selection

PE pipes are more competitive than other pipes. They are not only light in texture, good in quality, but also corrosion-resistant. Compared with pipes made of other materials, PE pipes are more labor-saving in later maintenance and upkeep. Landscaping requires a large number of water pipelines. In actual construction, the flow rate of PE pipes of the same diameter is better than that of other pipes, and its convenience is even more prominent in construction in complex environments such as turning and crossing. Users can choose the appropriate connection method according to the pipe diameter, working pressure, usage location and other environments.

PE drainage pipes are used for drainage and sewage. Generally speaking, the diameter is between dn200-dn3000. Secondly, PE pipes and fittings have superior flexibility and are enough to withstand various factors such as pressure from the soil. In addition, burying flexible PE pipes and fittings underground can also meet the requirements of buried mechanics.

DN30 caliber PE pipe is generally used to introduce outdoor water resources into indoor use. The second is dn300 or some other large-diameter pipes. These pipes are generally used to bury underground water or water supply from water companies to different places. If workers do not understand the performance characteristics of HDPE pipes and install PE pipes in the same way as ordinary water supply pipes, the construction quality of the pipelines will be affected and the normal operation of the pipelines will not be ensured.

The caliber series of PE pipes include hdpe double-wall corrugated pipes and hdpe steel strip reinforced PE polyethylene spiral corrugated pipes. The calibers range from dn200-dn2000. Due to the superior resistance and insulation properties of PE pipes, plus its own compression strength and tensile strength It has good lifting force and is often used in many power wiring constructions.

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