Characteristics and usage scenarios of PE pipes

PE water supply pipe is a water supply pipe produced with polyethylene as the main material. It has a long service life, is easy to install and has low maintenance costs. It has gradually replaced traditional metal and cement pipes. This article will introduce the characteristics, usage scenarios and environmental impact of PE water supply pipes.

One of the main features of PE water supply pipes is their vitality. Polyethylene has strong corrosion resistance over a wide temperature range and can resist a variety of corrosive substances. At the same time, the pipe has a smooth surface and small flow resistance, which reduces the resistance to fluid transportation, thereby saving energy consumption. PE water supply pipes also have excellent anti-pollution properties. The inner wall of the pipe will not be contaminated or adhered by organisms and other pollutants, which greatly reduces the cost of cleaning and maintenance.

In practical applications, PE water supply pipes are widely used in urban water supply, rural tap water, industry, and mining. PE pipes have good application prospects in reinforced concrete pipeline projects. Reinforced concrete pipeline projects are usually cast in situ and welded on the construction site. The construction of this kind of pipeline project is difficult, the radius is small, and it is difficult to form a complete water-borrowing interface with the soil. Compared with reinforced concrete pipes, PE water supply pipes can be directly prefabricated, are easy to maintain, and are installed much faster than reinforced concrete pipes.

Plastic products have long been controversial regarding environmental issues. PE water supply pipes have excellent ecological environment adaptability, will not release harmful substances during use, and will not cause pollution to water quality. Even under strong acid and alkaline conditions, it will not be chemically corroded and does not produce toxic gases, which greatly protects the ecological environment.

In short, PE water supply pipes have wide applicability and have gradually occupied a dominant position in water supply pipelines and become an important part of the pipeline system. It facilitates life and protects the environment at the same time. It is a practical and green pipe product.

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