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Prefabrication Process Knowledge of PVC Pipe Fittings

In the pipeline installation, should review the cold, hot water pipe nominal pressure, grade and use of occasions, then the PVC pipe fittings prefabricated processing is what?
First, the pipe cutting, must be correctly measured and calculated the required length, with a pen in the pipe surface to draw the cutting line and hot melt connection depth line. The pipe must then be cut perpendicular to the pipe axis. Pipe cutting should be used pipe cut, pipe breakers or pipe cutting machine, should not be sawed with a steel saw pipe. If used, use a scraper to remove burrs and burrs from the pipe saws. Again, the pipe and pipe fittings to connect the end face and the welding surface must be clean, dry, no oil. In addition, welding elbow or tee and other pipe fittings, should pay attention to the direction of the pipeline should be pre-installed, correct direction, with a pencil to draw the axial positioning line.
And in the pipeline installation must be different diameter and requirements of the bracket, hanger or pipe card, the location should be accurate, buried should be flat and firm.


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