Product Description

HDPE Porous Plum Pipe

hot sale hdpe communication porous plastic electric honeycomb pipe

Mainly used in Communication cable, Communication optical cable network, Long-distance communication lines and Cable television
broadcast transmission network, etc. Possess both tensile strength and toughness, less laying process, convenient installation,
safe and reliable and low engineering cost.

Holes Unit:mm Direct buried pipe plant size 6m
Outside diameter Inner hole diameter Wall thickness tolerance Note
7 Φ108 Φ32 2.7 ±0.5 Roll:100M
5 Φ93 Φ32 2.6 ±0.5 Roll:150M
5 Φ82 Φ28 2.4 ±0.5 Roll 200M
5 Φ76 Φ26 2.4 ±0.5 Roll 200M



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