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Ductile Iron Pipe D.I pipe DI pipe

Water Supply Pipe:

The ductile iron material features similar mechanical properties with carbon steel, such as high mechanical strength, good ductility, and the same anti-corrosion performance as cast iron. Therefore, it has gradually become 
the world’s most safe and reliable pipes in the field of water supply and drainage.
Tianjin Dingrunda Group Co., Ltd. provides ductile iron pipe products ranging from DN80 ~ DN2600mm in accordance with ISO 2531/ISO7186 or EN 545/EN598.

DRD ductile iron pipe owns a professional technical team to provide customers with pipe connection solutions. At present, the types of centrifugal ductile iron pipe joint are divided into the following:

XT2 St Self-Anchored joint ductile iron pipes suitable for DN80~DN300, SIA Wb、TF Self-Anchored joint ductile iron pipes suitable for DN300~DN1200, Xanchor ® Self-Anchored joint ductile iron pipes suitable for DN1400~DN2000.

Special Coated Pipe:

The complex soil corrosion requires higher external corrosion resistance of pipelines.
China has a vast territory, and the corrosion of soil in different regions is relatively different. Under the premise of intensive study of typical corrosive soils across the country, DRD ductile iron pipes have the ability to tailor different external anti-corrosion coatings for customers, and ensure long-term safe operation of pipelines.

The basic external anti-corrosion coating that DRD Ductile Iron Pipes Company provides is the Zinc layer, which has good anticorrosion performance in most soil environments. However, in special circumstance, the protection of Zinc layer cannot resist the erosion of strong corrosive soils, so it is necessary to protect the pipe by using polyethylene sleeve as an anti-corrosion layer or special coating. According to the soil environment of the buried pipeline, and the judgment of soil corrosive, Xinxing Ductile Iron Pipes Company can help customers to design pipeline anti-corrosion scheme that meeting using requirements as well as high cost performance.

Sewage Pipe:

The structure of the T-type joint is shown in the figure. During joint installation, the external spigot is extruded on the rubber ring inside the socket, so that the compression deformation can generate a certain of contact pressure, and the sealing function of the rubber ring is used to keep the joint tight.

Joint features : The joint has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient installation and sound sealing performance. The positioning of the sealing rings and the deflection of the joint are considered during socket structure design. By controlling the installation depth of the spigot, the joint has a certain axial flexibility. Therefore, this joint can adapt to certain foundation subsidence, and can utilize its deflection angle to realize long distance steering installation of pipelines, the joint deflection installation is shown in the figure.
The rubber ring consists of two parts, i.e. the hard rubber and soft rubber. The hard rubber can support and align the pipe joints, and greater thrust is needed during installation.


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