The difference between PE water supply pipe and drainage pipe

PE pipes have many uses. They can be used not only as PE water supply pipes, but also as irrigation pipes, drainage pipes, pipe penetration pipes, etc. In terms of appearance, many people cannot distinguish ends from ends, so how to choose a suitable PE pipe when choosing a PE pipe?

1. Pressure

PE pipes supply water and transport water according to the pressure. Generally, a pump is required to pump water from the ground to residents’ homes. Since PE pipes require on-site pumps to withstand pressure during the pumping process, PE pipes usually have five grades, each of which is 0.6MPa. , 0.8MPa is 1.0Mpa, 1.25Mpa, 1.6Mpa. Pressure them with 6kg pressure, 8kg pressure, 10kg pressure, 12.5kg and 16kg pressure. The larger the pumping pressure, the higher the pressure level of the PE pipe is required.

Polyethylene drain pipes generally discharge sewage from high places to low places, so polyethylene drain pipes generally do not need to consider the pressure level.

2. Price

Because Pe water supply pipes use new high-density polyethylene materials, the cost will be higher than Pe drain pipes.

3. Materials

PE is made from sewage drains, as long as it is biodegradable and does not pollute the environment. Generally, after letting the customer, some drainage PE recycled materials can be added to the production, use and completion without delay.

4. Health standards

Polyethylene water supply pipes are produced in strict accordance with national health standards. The raw materials are all high-density polyethylene, without any recycled materials or other additives.

Pe drainage pipes meet the applicable conditions, and with the user’s permission, materials can be added for the user’s choice.

Therefore, in summary, when using PE pipes under environmental pressure, health standards require the strict selection of new material PE water supply pipes. If the customer is not stressed in the environment and does not have strict hygiene standards, the customer can choose the relatively low-priced PE drainage pipe.

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