Analysis of the advantages of PE gas pipe interfaces

In recent years, PE gas pipes have become more and more widely used, especially in urban gas renovation projects, and their applications have been widely recognized. PE gas pipe is a pipe material with low thermal conductivity, good insulation performance and strong impact resistance. Next, let’s introduce the relevant information of PE gas pipe in detail.

First of all, PE gas pipes can withstand higher pressures. The standard pressure of general municipal gas pipelines is 0.005MPa – 0.01MPa, while the materials used in PE gas pipelines require higher roundness, stronger material flexibility, good corrosion resistance, and can withstand high pressures above 0.6MPa – 1.6MPa.

Secondly, the corrosion resistance of PE gas pipelines is also well reflected. Because the inner wall of the PE gas pipe is smooth, it is not easy to scale and is not affected by oxidation. Therefore, the gas channel is enlarged and the inner wall is prevented from scaling, dirt accumulation, corrosion, etc.

Furthermore, PE gas pipes have a long service life and can be used for more than 50 years, and their weather resistance is also well reflected. Even in harsh natural environments, such as sunlight, rain, moisture, etc., PE gas pipes can withstand it.

Then, the installation and maintenance of PE gas pipes are also very convenient. Because the material it uses is relatively flexible, no special welding methods are required during installation, and the cost is relatively low. The overlap of the pipeline interfaces is relatively high, and the interfaces are highly water-tight, ensuring that the gas in the gas pipeline will not leak out. In addition, the maintenance cost of PE gas pipes is relatively low. Conventional anti-corrosion and rust removal treatment is not required. Only the sealing and waterproof treatment around the inlet valve needs to be considered.

In general, PE gas pipes are widely used in urban gas renovation projects due to their good performance. The new PE gas pipe is not only reliable, but also easy to use and has the advantage of long life. The future market prospect is unlimited.

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